Working Papers:

[1]   Carlo Ciccarelli and Jacob Weisdorf (2017), ‘Pioneering into the Past: Regional Literacy Developments in Italy before Italy’, unpublished manuscript   [WP]

[2]   David de la CroixEric Schneider and Jacob Weisdorf (2017), ‘Decessit sine prole: Childlessness, Celibacy, and Survival of the Richest’, unpublished manuscript   [WP]

[3]   Jane Humphries and Jacob Weisdorf (2017), ‘Unreal Wages? Real Income and Economic Growth in England, 1260-1850,’  CEPR Discussion Paper No 11999   [WP]

[4]   Alessandro NuvolariSandra de Pleijt and Jacob Weisdorf (2016), ‘Human Capital Formation During the First Industrial Revolution: Evidence from the Use of Steam Engines,’ unpublished manuscript    [WP]

Work in Progress:

[1]   ‘Great Divergence or Great Convergence? The Real Wages of Roman Building Workers in a European Perspective,’ with Mauro Rota   [Abstract]

[2]   ‘The Returns to Religious Conversion: Lessons from Ugandan Hospital Registry, 1908-1970,’ with Shane Doyle and Felix Meier zu Selhausen   [Abstract]


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